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Founded by Carolyn de Voest, Better Your Best is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and their teams in the pursuit of their dreams. Focusing on all elements of human and business performance optimization, Better Your Best provides a range of coaching, consulting, and training services so owner operators can realize their goals.


As Business Performance Specialists, we have the unique ability to act as coach, consultant, or trainer depending on your needs. Our experienced and enthusiastic team leads with compassion, actively listens, and asks powerful questions to uncover your goals and help you achieve them.

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Carolyn de Voest
Molly Edge
B.A. Psych., CEC, PCC
Alison Caldwell Johnson
Fyfe Barraclough

Carolyn and I first met less than a year ago. Throughout my life I had always found myself in leadership roles, whether as a leader of our business, a sports coach, a volunteer or a parent. I knew a lot was working but there was clearly something missing. Carolyn has worked with me as my coach for 6+ months (and counting) to help me start to uncover what was missing. She has been awesome! Most important, she understands me; sometimes she let’s go as I need space to process all the information; sometimes she pushes to make me accountable or calls me out on what I am saying.

Digby R. Leigh, Managing Partner | Lawyer