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What if Your Best is Only the Beginning?

Achieve and exceed your best with our team of business performance specialists.

What if Your Best is Only Your Beginning?

Achieve and exceed your best with our team of business performance specialists.


As Business Performance Specialists, we have the unique ability to act as coaches, consultants, trainers, or speakers. Each one of our clients is different. We package our services to best address your unique needs and challenges. Clients reach out to us when they are wanting to achieve the next level in their business, align their teams around cultures of courageous conversations, or develop their inner leader to better inspire others. What does “bettering your best” look like for your business, teams, and leadership? Let’s partner today to tailor a solution to address your specific needs, challenges, and opportunities.


A whole leader knows that success starts with them and ripples throughout their organization. Through one-on-one coaching, you’ll develop a game plan that will optimize your energy management, deepen your self-awareness, enhance your communication, and strengthen your impact.


When you’re taking care of the day-to-day, it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back to look at the big picture. Clients turn to Better Your Best to achieve new levels of growth, clarify their visions in uncertain times, or to find fresh solutions to their challenges.


People and teams are the heartbeat of high performing organizations; they are a big part of your unique differentiator. When people and teams are optimized through cultures of courageous conversations, businesses exceed their goals. High performing cultures never stop learning and never stop investing in their people.


Engage your team or customers with fresh ideas to inspire new ways of thinking. Our talks are designed to get audiences discovering, learning, and taking action.




to perform at your best

At Better Your Best, we take inspiration from the athlete’s mindset – every little thing counts in order to optimize performance. Through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking, we work with owner-operated businesses to be a part of their winning teams. We partner with them to achieve long-lasting and sustainable results.

What is a Business Performance Specialist?

This brief video sums it up:

Better Your Best has done amazing things for the team here at Bean Around The World.

For over 10 years, Carolyn has been working with our team to prioritize our objectives, strengthen our internal communication, and realize our purpose and passion – both inside the business and in life.

Barney McKenzie, Owner


Practicing What We Preach

Continuous awareness deepens growth and development

Focus and accountability drive results

Peak performance lies at the intersection of your mind, body, soul

Bringing people together builds momentum

Express gratitude and give back to the community that fuels you

VIRTUAL TRAINING For Your Leadership, Teams and Business

Optimize your people and teams today with one of our virtual team training packages. Or let us customize and white-label your own unique leadership development program.  Our training programs include:

  • Better Your Leadership
  • Better Your Teams
  • Better Your Business

How Can We Help?

Contact us today to find out you how can better your best.

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