Untouchable Days (Demo)

Friday was such a gift here in Vancouver. After a week of snow and rain, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day; bluebird skies and snow-covered trees. Snow-covered trees are one of my most favorite things; so much so, that I actually put them on my vision board just last weekend. They make me feel calm and happy.

I had blocked Friday as my first “untouchable day” in 2020; my newest time management ritual. My goal is to sporadically time block untouchable days into my calendar over the course of the year. The idea behind it is to support me to do the things, the important things, that I typically let slip to the bottom of my to-do list. A few of these important things are one-on-one time with my husband, reading for fun in a coffee shop, recreating/playing-tennis, skiing, skating skiing or biking, and writing! All of these activities really “fill my cup” but most importantly they ground me. Sadly I’ve become quite aware of how quickly I can let other things become more important.

Well, not this time! On Friday I played tennis and made it up to Grouse Mountain 2 times! The first time Rik and I got to get some runs in…I think it was the first time we skied alone since having kids. The second time we went and got the kids out of school early and spent the early evening up there as a family. It was a phenomenal day.

So today as I reflect back on yesterday I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for bluebird skies, snow-covered trees and untouchable days beautifully colliding. My heart is so full.

What’s a time management ritual you’ve adopted lately that has positively impacted your life? What to explore the topic more?

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