Hey Bill, What Are You Reading Right Now?


I wonder how many times Bill Gates gets asked that question?

I recently started watching his documentary on Netflix “Inside Bill’s Brain.” There’s a scene where someone on his staff is packing his book bag. There were easily 20 books that were loaded into that bag. Clearly Bill is a voracious reader. He will read about all topics, from state budgets to bestsellers, he is constantly reading and processing.

How do you like to learn? What are you reading right now? What’s a new concept or theory you have applied recently that has made a difference in your life or career? What sort of interesting initiatives does your workplace facilitate to promote learning?

Join us Wednesday, February 19th for our second webinar in our Leadership Tune-Up series. On the call, we will discuss interesting ways to engage in continuous learning as well as trends that we are seeing in organizations to promote learning back to the rest of the team. Register for the webinar here