How’s Your Current Ecosystem?

Community is a core value and guiding principle of Better Your Best.

It has never been more clear: we are all part of the same ecosystem.

How we adjust during these uncertain times is going to have a profound impact on your life and your business. Virtual Communities are going to get us through. Many people are experiencing remote work environments for the first time. For the past 12 years, we have run Better Your Best remotely. We have facilitated many team training and coaching sessions online and have plenty of tips & tricks to transition your team and business smoothly. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are finding yourself needing support navigating social distancing as it relates to your workplace. We are here to help.

Remember: You get back what you put out. It’s so important to grow where you’re planted and support the ecosystem around you to be at their best, as well.

Take a moment to consider the following questions and take inventory of your overall ecosystem. Keep in mind what you are giving to it right now and what you expect, need to get back. Maybe even write down your answers!

  1. Who are your people right now that you need to stay in touch with to fill your energy bucket positively?
  2. How can you connect with them in a meaningful way despite the distance?
  3. Who do you need to be conscious of that might need some extra support and reaching out at the moment? How will you do this?
  4. Who are two people you can connect that would be mutually beneficial to both parties?

Through continuous connectivity, we can work on humanizing this experience. All the best!