Champaign Goals or Unexpected Blessings?

This “sh!t” wasn’t on my vision board. That’s a meme that really jumped out at me these past few weeks.

Not unlike you, I had some be goals, some champaign goals set for myself personally and professionally this year. The last few weeks have been like surfing a wave. From “I got this…I’m a remote working queen I can show people the way to this new normal is really hard.” I’ve been grieving for loved ones we have lost, for events that mark our year and for family holidays that really put all of this hard work into perspective.

We are all being forced to redefine our normal and to re-calibrate our hopes and dreams for 2020. As you emerge from the surf of these crazy times I invite you to revisit your goals, your vision boards with your 2020 wisdom. Hopefully, you will see that with a few simple tweaks they can still be defined as champaign goals or a new term I’m using called “unexpected blessings.”