When I First Launched Better Your Best…

When I set out to start Better Your Best 12 years ago, I was sure my work was meant to be primarily with athletes, as a coaching consultant in the sports world.

What I quickly learned is that that world wasn’t yet ready for this type of work.

After meeting an entrepreneur who got really excited about my work, I realized that the entrepreneurial world is very much like the sports world: entrepreneurs, like athletes, have big ideas, big visions, and they are willing to put everything on the line to make them happen. This is SO exciting to me!

I love being part of the journey with entrepreneurs. What I’ve found is that typically, when they’re dealing with a certain level of success, there’s often some sort of unhealthy coping mechanism that can go along with it. I’m very passionate about helping those people realize healthiness and wholeness¬†in addition¬†to those big goals and ideas.