The most important step to building rapport?

Know Your Audience…

The most important step to being a stronger influencer, negotiator, or salesperson is slowing down to consider who you are talking to. It’s a step most of us are aware of but few of us know exactly how to do it. How can you quickly assess what your audience values, dislikes, or avoids?

At Better Your Best we use a relationship framework called DISC. It’s a behavioural framework that helps people better understand themselves to better understand others. Through observing other people’s behaviours we unlock the key to better understanding other people’s primary behavioural style.

We are not all alike, we are not all motivated by the same things or make decisions for the same reasons. Knowing the DISC framework helps you quickly identify other people’s primary behavioural style which then helps you to determine how they make their decisions, what they are motivated by, and how best to give recommendations.

You may have heard of DISC before, perhaps even been trained on it. But are you fully leveraging its capabilities to be a stronger influencer, negotiator, or salesperson? This is critical information when trying to build key relationships. Adapting your communication style to that of your audience helps to build trust, engagement, and rapport; key attributes to having more powerful relationships.

Strengthen your ability to know your audience by downloading this DISC Insights Card, or join us for our upcoming complimentary DISC sales webinar.

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