Cultivating a Speak Up Culture in 2024

We’ll be discussing what it takes to create a speak up culture within your organization so that you are able to manage any misconduct should it arise. I think we all like to believe that it can never happen, but all too often, we see that it can and it does.

How safe do your employees feel about speaking up? Do you have a proven process in place to deal with misconduct? Small companies commonly think “That will never happen here.” Misconduct, fraud, and harassment are uncomfortable to talk about. They do happen so ensure your business is prepared. Equip your leaders and employees to rise to this challenging moment by setting the foundation for a speak-up culture.

Join us as we learn from Whistlerblower Security founder Shannon Walker to hear about the tools and considerations required of cultivating a speak up culture in your organization.

COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR: Cultivating a Speak Up Culture in 2024
with special guest Shannon Walker of Whistle Blower Security

Thursday, February 29th, @ 12 pm Pacific