Capitalism Needs to Evolve

“Capitalism needs to evolve” was one of the major themes that came from our last book club book the Heart of Business. What do you think about that? What ideas have you been mulling over lately?

Another topic people were really digesting this past month was Emotional Intelligence. This past September we saw a record turnout for our monthly webinar. I’m hoping it’s because people are realizing that in order to keep up with our quickly changing, uncertain world we need more than just brains to get us through. Do you know how to tune into your whole selves in order to better read your environment and collaborate with others?

A few years ago I was at the airport and saw the book- Surrounded By Idiots – The Four Types of Human Behavior and How to Effectively Communicate with Each in Business (and in Life) I had a good laugh, took a picture, and sent it to some colleagues. I immediately knew this book was rooted in the DISC behaviour assessment we used derived from the work of William Moulton-Marston. It’s been a good two years since that airport discovery and in that time it has become a best seller. Join us in December to help you better understand the “idiots” around you.

Next month we will be discussing Influencing without Authority. You and your teams are invited. This topic coincides nicely with our upcoming book club Surrounded by IdiotsA key consideration when influencing or negotiating is slowing down to pay attention to whom you’re talking to…but how do you do that? This webinar and this book club will give you the keys to success.

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