You are awesome…this is your reminder

I just want you to know i think you are doing an incredible job and are an awesome human being.

What a wild year this has been, but you keep showing up. You keep problem-solving. You keep doing your best. Champagne moments couldn’t occur without overcoming challenges… so what are you celebrating? What have the challenges of 2021 taught you about your leadership, team, or business?

Whenever I do a corporate temperature check or employee engagement survey, recognition always seems to surface as a theme, an area that could be improved. Reflection and recognition are so easy to skip over when we are moving too fast to either survive or to grow.

Take this newsletter as your reminder to pause for a moment. Fly up to 10,000 feet and see your people, projects, and business from that perspective. Take a moment to recognize this year’s highs and lows, wins and losses, or the dark and the light.

I’ve made it easy for you to get started on your own reflection…take a moment here, now, by completing the following form. Only you and I will see your answers, and truly, this is more for you than for me. It’s about the act of pausing, thinking, and capturing, and letting the questions guide you in your own journal.

If you’ve already done this, fantastic! What are you celebrating from 2021? What has been a happy collision of values, hard work, and luck coming together – as one of my clients recently named it a “right place, right moment situation”?

We keep hearing about employee burnout and fatigue. Once you’ve completed your reflection, go and find 5 people, who contributed to your 2021 Champaign moments, to recognize. Let’s not forget how far a sincere, personal recognition and a thank you can go.

 “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome, so this is your reminder”

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