The Cost of a Bad Hire

Have you ever worked out the cost of a bad hire?

At a time when many organizations are struggling for personnel, it can be alluring to hire “any body.”

“Carolyn, we just need people to do the work!” But…what’s the cost of this, in the long term? (Don’t have a gauge for this? Here’s a handy cost calculator to figure out the true cost of a bad hire).

Benchmarking is a process we use before hiring with organizations that want to ensure that they make the right hire. Using the TriDNA Behaviour Assessment, we map out the key accountabilities for the role, plus the behaviours, motivators and the core competencies best associated with that role’s type of work. Benchmarking a job minimizes bias and provides a clear objective and collective voice to what behaviors, motivators and skills the job needs. 

Taking the time, upfront, to get clarity on what is required from the role, the team and the business ensures that we are adding the exact right person to the mix. Benchmarking a role is only 30% of the hiring process. Still required in the hiring process is understanding the candidates education, experience and core values. The process of achieving this clarity is probably the most powerful part of the hiring process.

Using the behaviour assessment at the beginning of your employee’s journey is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The assessments can be used for professional development, coaching, understanding team dynamics and dealing with conflict.

Curious to know a bit more about how benchmarking and assessments can lead to better overall engagement and performance? Join us this Wednesday for our quarterly webinar.

Wednesday, June 22 @ 12 pm-1 pm PST

HIRING FOR SUCCESS – How to Benchmark Your Key Roles

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