You’re doing a great job!

Just a note of thanks at this time of year –  one to say, I appreciate you. Thank you for welcoming me into your inbox. Let me also tell you this: you’re doing a great job. No matter where this e-mail finds you, please remember you rock. Again this year you showed up doing your best, giving your best, and producing your best.

Last year at this time of the year I sent an e-mail saying “you’re awesome.” The feedback I received was overwhelming. It’s the most amount of positive feedback and thanks I’ve ever received from a newsletter. Why do you think that is? Let me take a guess. We are our own worst critics. The amount of positive feedback that we receive from ourselves and others is minute compared to the hours of negative feedback our brains become wired on.

Hot tip. If you want your people to perform at their best then give them the confidence to do so by minimizing negative feedback loops. To do so start practicing positive acknowledgment, appreciation, validation, and recognition on a regular basis. When we give our people the ability to focus on their strengths and what needs to be done by minimizing their negative brain chatter people perform better.

This doesn’t mean spraying shallow accolades to pump people up. This means truly observing your people and recognizing them for what they are doing well and acknowledging how they are investing in their growth. It’s not easy and there are many ways to do it. But here are a few key ways to help you get started.

Here are a few handy definitions to help you get started:

Appreciation: I really appreciate completing that project on time.

Validation: I can see you’ve given this project a lot of thought and attention.

Recognition: It’s clear you are very talented at creating work back plans and timelines for your projects.

Affirmation: I think you deserve all the credit for the success of this project.

Confirmation: It’s great you took on this project it really suits your leadership style and capabilities.

Thanking: Thanks for taking the time to put the work in required to make this project successful. It means great things for the team and our business.

Quiet Leadership, David Rock

Doing our best and appreciating one another go hand in hand. When we appreciate one another, it validates hard work, it shows that we have been seen and understood. It really is central to the human experience and to high performance.

As you and your teams reflect back on last year’s performance be sure to pause a little longer around your people and your teams. Reflect purposefully on each individual’s performance and how you might appreciate them in a meaningful way to help lay a great foundation for 2023.

Keep training your brain to see the good. Keep making the commitment to get up to be better every day. Have a magical holiday season with your loved ones! Let’s continue to crush it in 2023. All the best!

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