Show employees that you care

The secret to employee engagement is pretty simple: Show employees that you care.

The secret to employee engagement is pretty simple: Show employees that you care.

Show them that you are invested in their growth and their career pathway. Give them the space to shine, but also a safe space to fail.

One of my favourite questions I ask when helping an organization review its purpose is: Why do you work here? One of the BEST answers I’ve ever heard… “Because I belong here.” It actually brought me to tears…

Imagine creating a culture, creating a space where your employees feel like they want to be there because they belong. Imagine the lengths employees will go to achieve their goals and your strategic objectives because they feel safe, cared for and enjoy showing up to work.

When employees feel safe and cared for, day-to-day business moves forward. Days don’t become hijacked by needing to attend to the feelings and emotions of an employee who misunderstood a key message and becomes triggered by their fears.

In the absence of clarity, we spin.” (Brene Brown)

Bottomline: when employees are triggered or “fall below the line” consistently, they aren’t able to focus on their work at hand.

“Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and
feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective
and unproductive behavior.”
– Brené Brown

Drive your engagement by ensuring you are practicing the following:

  • Have regular human check-in’s – ask what’s good, tricky, and what are your priorities right now?
  • Foster a speak-up culture where employees are free to share their ideas and concerns…build your people’s confidence to do so. Show them that it is safe and rewarding to do so…recognize people who do this publicly.
  • Invest in your employee’s growth and development and model an environment where people grow in their careers by taking on new challenges and responsibilities.
  • Value their well-being. Ensure your people are taking time off to reset – I guarantee your productivity will go up.

In 2024, I challenge you to double down on your “because I belong here culture and show that you care. Invest time, resources, and learning in your people….and they will invest in you.