The Secret to High Performing Teams

Have you ever been a part of a high-performing team? What did it look like? How did you maintain it?

The secret to high-performing teams that get results is that they “team” frequently together. Teaming doesn’t just happen as a result of working together or having lots of meetings. Creating space for your teams to grow and strengthen together takes focus, planning, and time.

High-performing teams:

  • Are innovative and driving in their strategic thinking and decision-making
  • Navigate change in a healthy and respectful manner
  • Show up committed and accountable to each other and the organization
  • Create safe spaces for open dialogue and learning
  • Align and agree…we can’t always agree but we have to align for the sake of the business
  • Engage in courageous conversations that most people would rather avoid

Temperature check! Take a look at the above points and rate your team’s performance. On a scale of 1-3 (1- bad, 3- got it!), evaluate your team. What do you notice? Where do you need to pay attention? What might be a block? What might be a superpower your team needs to amplify?

We are leading through volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times, so slow down to go fast. Teams need to time block teaming space at regular intervals. Call it what you want, but take the time to meaningfully connect to be vulnerable with one another, dive into important conversations (not just task lists), and address obstacles with productive conflict to keep moving forward.

What if your best was only the beginning?